Jessi gets an early morning creampie


Gets an early morning creampie

Jessi is already up and working on her college homework when her boyfriend wanders into the kitchen and greets her with a morning kiss. One kiss leads to some groping, and they work their way over to the couch where he throws her back and gives her a long deep kiss. Well now things are too far along to just head off to class, so some early morning lovin is on the schedule. He takes her from behind, sliding slowly into her tight pussy, letting the anticipation help lube her up :) After a couple of thrusts, he turns her onto her back and slips his tongue into her moist hole to give it a little more help. Finally wet enough he holds her legs back and start to thrust deeper and deeper, as she starts to moan. She wants to be in control also, so she mounts him reverse cowgirl, and bounces up and down on his hard cock. Turning around to face him, so she can watch his expressions as she slides down, and finally jumping off and taking his cock all the way into the back of her mouth. She can sense that he's ready to blow his load, so she climbs back on and with just a few quick up and downs, he drains his load into her waiting twat. She lifts off and can feel the hot, sticky load as it starts to drip from her swollen pussy lips. Now it's back to that college algebra!

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